Conflict Free Diamonds

We take the issue of conflict diamonds very seriously. Finest Gold Gallery is making every effort to bar conflict diamonds from its inventory and provide assurances to our customers that the diamonds we sell are from legitimate sources.  Certified Canadian diamonds are also available.

  • Conflict diamonds are diamonds mined in certain African combat zones that have fueled and funded civil war and gross abuses against the civilian population. Such diamonds are estimated to currently account for less than 1% of the world diamond production.
  • All of the nations with significant involvement in the diamond trade and the leading industry associations cooperated in creating a global certification system aimed at preventing criminals from placing these conflict diamonds into the legitimate diamond supply chain. To supplement this government effort, leading organizations in the jewelry industry have created a voluntary program of self-regulation.
  • We fully support this program and will do everything we can to make the new system work. Diamonds are a symbol of love and we want our customers to have confidence that we are using our best efforts to both bar conflict diamonds from our inventory and sell diamonds and diamond jewelry that are "conflict-free."
  • This information will assist you in understanding the conflict diamond issue and the global certification system of warranties.


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