Cash for your Jewellery

Finest Gold Gallery is the manufacturer of jewellery, thus we are in need of gold, silver and platinum as the primary ingredient. Your broken and unwanted jewellery is crucial to our day-to-day operation. This need is the reason why we pay highest price for your gold and silver jewellery. We make the profit on the recycling and remaking of the new pieces rather than on the purchase price. So come to the source to obtain the highest price for your gold, silver, platinum pieces & diamonds. We strongly suggest you do your homework and shop around for best price before selling your gold & silver.

For your convenience we have a CASH FOR GOLD section that demonstrates the up-to-the minute market prices of precious metals & a corresponding chart indicating our purchase prices/gram accordingly.

cash or gold

Don't want to Sell your Gold?

Driving Direction

If you are not in desperate need of money and you are just bored with the aged jewellery pieces you have, we suggest exchange or remodelling.Read more our Jewellery Services

You may exchange your used jewellery with our existing new collection.

You will receive a credit for the weight and used value of your jewellery and you will only pay for the weight difference if any and labour charges of the new item.

This can work to your advantage and reduce your loss. For remodelling, you may use the weight of your gold and the stones without any loss toward a new and exciting design and you only pay for labour costs.

Finest Gold Gallery with 35 years of experience in the jewellery industry and top technology and impressive craftsmanship can make any design ideas you might have come to life. We stand behind our work and our word. As a result we have the advantage of repeat customers and their referrals for years.

We are respected and admired by our loyal customers and feel blessed to be constantly part of their special occasions. We feel like part of the family and therefore we treat them like family.