About Finest Gold Gallery

Finest Gold Gallery is a trusted name in the jewellery industry that is using leading edge technology second to none to make exquisite timeless pieces.  At Finest Gold Gallery, we care about the same things you do: quality, style, craftsmanship, and price.  We do all of our design, manufacturing, and repair on site, and with over 32 years of experience in the jewellery business you can rest assured that you are in good hands. You can shop online or come to our store, which ever way you choose to have an experience with us you will be pleased.  We hope to establish a long lasting relationship were we can always be of service.


At Finest Gold Gallery, we import and wholesale loose diamonds and fine jewellery. We buy directly from the source and this enables us to keep our operating cost significantly low, to offer competitive prices and pass on the savings to our loyal customers.

Finest Gold Gallery carries a vast selection of loose diamonds and colour gem stones in all shapes and sizes. All diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources and are guaranteed not to be conflict diamonds. Certified Canadian diamonds are also available.

Canadian-owned and Canadian-operated business.

Meet the Business Owner

Amir M.
Business Owner

Amir has been passionate about jewelry since the age of 18, when he started his career in this business. Drawn to the industry through a relative, he could learn the building blocks of the trade in no time. The well known suppliers in the central gold bazaar got to know Amir during the time when he was a simple worker. They were so impressed with his honest nature and hard working habits that they helped him start his own business by supplying materials on long term agreements with low interest rates. Amir opened his own jewellery shop in 1980 in Iran and successfully managed to build up loyal clientele in a very short period of time. Amir's customers loved him because he is fair, kind, courteous and truthful. When he decided to leave his home country and start a new life in Canada, he very quickly got back on his feet and decided to advance his career in the jewelry business. Today, Amir is the same passionate, charming and trustworthy person, with a lot more experience and knowledge.

Driving Direction

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