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  • Comprehensive Experience

    Finest Gold Gallery offers the most comprehensive experience to its customers with a state of the art workshop on sit. Our customers enjoy watching their jewelry being processed

  • While You Wait Repair Service

    Same day service/ while you Wait is available at no extra charge. We offer expert advice on the best option to restore or remodel the jewellery item. Available (Tue – Fri )only

  • Affordable Jewelry Repair

    Our Jewelry repair services started at $15. Call us Today @ 905-884-7227.

We all have that moment when we realize our precious piece of jewelry is broken or discover the clasp is breaking. Let’s not panic! With the right local jewelry repair service, you can easily revitalize or refashion your most beloved valuables.

We can all agree, we can have an emotional connection to a piece of jewelry. This is why, when we notice damages or our jewelry is dull, we tend to panic. Whether you are in serious need of a fast and quick repair or have simply begun to notice the effects of wear and tear on your jewelry over time, we can help.

Rest assure with over 38 years of experience and 4.9 Google Rating, you are in the hands and the most trustworthy and reputable local jewelry repair in the Greater Toronto Area, then look no further than Finest Gold Gallery.

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A Comprehensive jewelry repair experience

From identifying the problem to same-day service, we can present to you with your repaired jewelry dazzling better than the day you bought it, we stand-out among local jewelry repair services by our creativity and workmanship in Toronto.

Our services are entirely confidential, as we respect your privacy to the fullest. We have a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art jewelry and gold repair workshop in our Richmond Hill location, meaning there is no need to wait for your jewelry to be shipped off-site, and you know exactly where your most treasured possessions are at all times.

Our workshop is equipped to handle the overwhelming majority of needed repairs, from rhodium plating to ring sizing. Simply drop by or book an appointment to revitalize your broken jewelry.

Finest Gold Gallery Jewelry Repair Services

Same Day Jewelry Repair in GTA and Toronto


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  1. Some other local jewelry repair services will leave you waiting days or even weeks for a straightforward necklace repair.
  2. We, however, value your time and offer a complimentary same-day, while-you-wait service
  3. Whenever feasible, we allow customers to bring in their jewelry and browse our showroom while we get to work on the necessary jewelry and gold repair services.
  4. Within just a few hours, you will have your jewelry looking good as new, without any additional hassles or stressful waiting periods

Affordable Jewelry repair Services in Toronto and GTA

From ring repair to resize a wedding band to necklace pair for faulty clasps, we offer the most comprehensive range of local jewelry repair services available in the Greater Toronto Area. Our full list of services include:

Jewelry cleaning

We offered free of charge to our valued customers

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Ring Resize

Starting from: $35.

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Rhodium plating

Starting from $70

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Gold Plating

Starting from $40

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Lock and Clasp Repair

Starting from $ 70

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Jewelry engraving services

$1.98 per letter + setup fee

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Starting from $35 CAD

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Prong & Claw re-tipping

Starting from $40

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Broken Necklace Repair

Starting from $35

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Starting from $20

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Resetting Stones

Starting from $20

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Starting from $10 (for pearl and stone)

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Replacing Lost Stones


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Stone Cutting


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Cold Connections


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Remodeling of old jewelry


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Custom design of new jewelry


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These services do not include the fact that we always have a great selection of products in our store, and can work with you custom make the perfect piece of jewelry.

Jewelry Repairing Vs. Selling

If you find yourself unsure of whether gold repair would be an affordable or appropriate option for your jewelry, or if you are simply unsure as to whether you still want to keep your broken jewelry, you have other options. In particular, you could sell your old jewelry pieces for cash.

If you are wondering whether or not you should sell or repair your broken jewelry, here are some factors to consider:

  • Sentimental value: your jewelry is important to you, and that’s okay! If you do not feel comfortable parting with a beloved gold band, ring repair is probably a better option than selling it
  • The worth of your jewelry: we use the karat scale, weight, and up-to-date market prices to price your jewelry, which could affect the option you wish to choose
  • Labour costs: although we keep our costs low and reasonable, there will, of course, be costs associated with repairing, rather than money gained through selling
  • The ease of repairs: with our same-day, while-you-wait service option, getting your jewelry repaired does not have to be a time-consuming ordeal

Another important thing to remember is that you can always book an appointment or visit our showroom, in which we can discuss the repairs needed for your jewelry, and whether or not our gold repair or local jewelry repair services are right for you.

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Affordable Jewelry Repair in GTA and Toronto


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Any Google search can show that there are many local jewelry repair options in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area,but not every service is made equal. Your gold and jewelry are more than just your valuable possessions.
They are ultimately pieces that hold sentimental value, and you want to know that they are in trustworthy and compassionate hands

We offer unparalleled service and have years of experience with high-quality gold repair and local jewelry repair, along with a decades-long record of unbeatable pricing.We strive to make every single client a long-term, repeat customer, and we are fully prepared to offer the best service in the Greater Toronto Area for all your gold repair needs.

Excited by the opportunity to finally get around to the ring repair or necklace repair you have been putting off for months?
Do not make yourself wait any longer, and instead come visit us in our store for fast, affordable and high-quality Jewelry repair service

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