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When we think of our most treasured pieces of jewelry, most of us will not think about which pieces have the most carats or cost the most money.

Instead, we will think about which pieces are connected to warm memories. We will consider where we got them, why, and who gave them to us. We have a connection to jewelry because of its emotional value, not its financial value.

That’s why engraving is such a special way to personalize our jewelry. In our busy lives, we sometimes forget the moments that brought us to our favorite pieces of jewelry whether it was a holiday, a promotion at work, a wedding, or a new addition to the family. Engravings ensure that you will never forget the sentimental meanings behind your favorite pieces.

At Finest Gold Gallery, we can engrave any sort of Jewelry, including but not limited to:

No matter the size of your jewelry or the materials used to create it, we can provide high-quality engravings– all without a long wait, given our same-day service policy.

Additionally, creating customized jewelry from scratch is a specialty of ours, meaning we can not only engrave a piece for you, but we can also help you make it.

If you are interested in creating a custom-made engraved piece but are looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favorite trends for engraved jewelry:

Engraved Rings For Him

When it comes to jewelry (especially wedding and engagement rings), we tend to talk about styles and trends aimed toward women. But the reality is that men also deserve high-quality and unforgettable jewelry that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding band, a tasteful class ring that shows the world how proud you aware of your Alma-mater, or simply something to wear to work every morning, we can help you find a style that reflects your own unique personality.

It feels as though every day we are seeing new and innovative ring engraving ideas, so it’s hard to narrow down our favorites. However, there are some recent trends for men’s rings that are particularly popular right now, including:

Engraved Dates

There are a lot of dates in our lives that hold special meaning to us. These dates can include birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, or just special memories we hold near and dear to our hearts.

So we love the idea of keeping our most treasured memories close to us at all times with an engraved ring. For those who want a simple and understated look, engraved dates are a perfect choice because they can be as small and simple as a few digits– and they can carry importance just for you and your loved ones, not necessarily the strangers you encounter throughout your day.

Mixed Metals Engraving Rings

Choosing between sterling silver and gold can be a tough decision– so why not choose both?

This is a versatile jewelry style in which two or more metals are used for the same piece. Two popular metals include silver and gold, but bronze, platinum, titanium and other materials can also be incorporated into mixed metal engraved rings for him.

With a mixed metal ring, the possibilities are truly endless. You can try out a fun geometric pattern or stick to the mature, refined appearance of one thick band of metal flanked by two thinner bands of a different metal.

Whichever you choose, a mixed metal ring is among our favorite looks for men.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is so popular right now that even Apple is releasing phones and laptops in the shade, but many people (unfairly) believe that the trend is far too “feminine” for men to partake in.

We respectfully disagree.

Rose gold has become so commonplace because it is an attractive but subtle shade that looks great with virtually every skin tone. Given its light appearance, it can even make an engraving look bolder and more prominent. If you want to wear your engraved messages loud and proud, rose gold is a great option, and perfectly on trend as well.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are great for skiers and perfect for engraved rings for him!

Black is a color that represents sophistication and class and is, therefore, a popular option for men’s rings. Although many men opt for black bands, it can make it more difficult to read engravings.

That’s why black diamonds are the perfect compromise. They add a bold, eye-catching splash of black while also allowing for a band that is light enough for visible engravings.

Engraved Rings For Her

Engraved rings are among our favourite jewelry pieces because they are deeply personal. Rings are naturally small pieces that can easily evade the attention of others. For this reason, engravings can be a tasteful added touch that’s just for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Here are some of the best ring engraving ideas for women– for weddings, anniversaries, or just because every woman deserves something beautiful:


Women who appreciate sentimental value will get a two-in-one experience with custom birthstone rings.

Birthstones represent so much more than the month of our birth. They represent our personalities, our identities and our stories. Every mother can appreciate a ring with both her children’s birthstones and an engraving of their birthdates and every wife can appreciate a wedding engravement paired with the birthstone of their spouse.

Together, an engraved ring and a birthstone design make for a special piece of jewelry that serves as a constant reminder of life’s best moments.

Wedding Vows

Wedding bands do not leave a lot of room for engravings. However, the small amount of print that is allowed can truly pack a punch.

For example, many brides (and grooms as well) are opting to include snippets of their wedding vows in their engraved wedding and engagement rings. This is one of our favourite ring engraving ideas, given its heartfelt and romantic nature.

Geometric Patterns

Rings should never feel bland. Geometric patterns including triangles, squares and other non-traditional shapes can ensure that every day wearing the ring is fun and fresh.

Geometric patterns are especially intriguing when paired with an engraved image. Although words or numbers are common engravings, images can be engraved as well. If you have a powerful image that you would like to see on your next ring, a geometric pattern might be exactly what it needs to stand out.

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are great for any woman who doesn’t want to commit to just one design.

Stacked rings are a very popular trend right now among women of all ages, and have even become a top choice for wedding rings. Stacked rings are also one of the most creative ideas for engraved rings for her.

With this style, each ring can don a different engraving that represents something unique– it could be a ring for every child in a family, for every city one has lived in or just different facets of the wearer’s personality.

Engraved Bracelets

There are so many great ring engraving ideas out there that it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of other options available for gorgeous engraved jewelry. Along with rings and necklaces, engraved bracelets are among the most common choices for engraved jewelry.

If you want something engraved, but are looking for a little more space than a ring can offer, engraved bracelets might be exactly what you were looking for.


Birthstones are no longer the most popular options to commemorate a birthday. Astrology is a belief system that has existed for centuries, but in 2019, it is more popular than ever before.

If you aren’t a fan of your birthstone or want to break away from the norm a bit, zodiac engravings might be the way to go. You can engrave zodiac symbols, constellations and more on a bracelet, showing the world how your star sign reflects your personality.

Special Quotes

Do you have a historical figure you greatly admire, a spiritual leader you turn to for wisdom, or a grandparent that gives you the best advice?

Engraving your favorite quotes onto a bracelet will ensure that you are never in need of inspiration. Although rings might be a tad small for any lengthy passages, bracelets are the perfect size for your most empowering messages.


Charm bracelets are very much in style right now. Charms are a fun addition that allows wearers to add a sense of individuality to their jewelry. From vacation destinations to milestones to personal interests, there are charms available for every occasion, and charm bracelets come in a wide variety of styles.

Whether you would like to engrave a bracelet, a clasp, or an individual charm, we can help.

Affordable Jewelry Engraving Services in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan & Markham from $2 CAD per letter + $25 CAD setup fee: Get Directions

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Popular and sentimental wedding ring engraving ideas:

  1. I love you
  2. Our love is eternal
  3. To my soul mate
  4. Always
  5. Forever
  6. Eternity
  7. C&D forever (use your first initials)
  8. I thee wed
  9. All my love
  10. I marry you
  11. You have my heart
  12. My heart is in your hands
  13. Never to part
  14. To my wife/husband
  15. Soul mates forever
  16. I’m always with you
  17. To have and to hold
  18. Schmoopie (Your private nicknames for each other)
  19. Here is my heart; guard it well!
  20. No one but you
  21. God for me provided thee
  22. God unite both in love
  23. In thy breast my heart doth rest (Old English)
  24. Pour tous jours (For all days, 15th-century French)
  25. Joie sans fin (Joy without end, French)
  26. Mon coeur est a vous (You have my heart, French)
  27. Je t’aime (I love you, French)
  28. Mon amour (My love, French)
  29. Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempre (My heart is yours forever, Italian)
  30. Amore mio (My love, Italian)
  31. Vivo per lei (I live for her, Italian)
  32. Myn genyst (My heart, Old German)
  33. Mizpah (May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent from one another, Hebrew, Genesis 31:49)
  34. Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li (My beloved is mine and I am his, Hebrew, Song of Solomon 2:16)
  35. Semper amemus (Let us always love, Latin)
  36. Semper fidelis (Always faithful, Latin)
  37. Pari passu (With an equal step, Latin)
  38. Amor vincit omnia (Love conquers all, Latin)
  39. Deus nos iunxit (God joined us, Latin)
  40. 百年好合 (Happily ever after, Chinese)
  41. 花好月圆 (Blissful harmony, Chinese)