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How Our Process Work ?

Get a Free Quote and compare with our lowest price in the GTA.

We will create your idea into the concept and make a wax model of it.

Our Experienced Designer will craft your ring and make final adjustments.

We will contact you once your ring is finished for pickup and delivery.

Recent Work

From Concept to Reality. Our team of Experienced jewelers will make a ring as per your desired design.

If a marriage proposal is in your future, you may probably have a lot to worry about, the most important thing being: will she say yes?

Of course, the love and trust the two of you share will be what persuades her to walk down the aisle. But that does not mean the ring you choose will not count. If you truly want to wow your future bride and create lasting memories, you need to start looking for unique engagement rings that are every bit as special as she is. How can you achieve this?

With our help, quite easily. In all truthfulness, the trick to shopping for the perfect ring is to skip shopping altogether, and instead custom design your own ring. Handmade engagement rings pack in more sentimental value than any others, and can reflect the unique style and love shared between two partners. Although the idea of custom engagement rings is certainly alluring, it can also feel cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, at Finest Gold Gallery we are able to work with you to create the handmade engagement rings while remaining within budget.

Top Trending Engagement Rings Setting in Canada

Custom Halo Engagement Rings

This timeless style features one main stone surrounded by a halo of smaller ones. This style is great for couples looking for custom engagement rings.


Custom Bezel Engagement Rings

Another absolutely classic design,
and online, this setting is slightly more subtle than the halo style but every bit as gorgeous.


Custom Channel Engagement Rings

Without metal separating individual stones, this look is the perfect representation of prevailing love,
and a popular choice for handmade engagement rings.

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Custom Pear-Shaped Cut Engagement Rings

Offering an immediate Old Hollywood feel,
this style will be sure to capture the light at every angle and glisten for years to come.


Custom Trillion-Cut Engagement Rings

The most unique engagement rings on the market have embraced the off-kilter style of trillion-cut diamonds,
in which the cut is triangular in shape.


Custom Solitaire Engagement Rings

Extravagance is not needed for the perfect custom engagement rings.
Instead, a solitaire style can offer simplicity and beauty, all at once.

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Custom Prong Engagement Rings

With this style, numerous metal prongs– primarily between three and six– form an elegant and
tasteful frame around the primary stone. It’s the perfect trick to keep all eyes on your diamond.


Custom Split Shank Engagement Rings

As far as fun, unique looks go, split-shank simply cannot be beaten.
Appearing almost as there are two bands, this attention-grabbing style could represent two separate people coming together as one.

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Custom Pave Engagement Rings

If you want a style that’s unafraid to be a little bit loud, consider a pave style,
which makes the ring look as though it has been “paved” by many stones.


Custom Bohemian Engagement Rings

This smooth, dome-like style is very common among men’s rings,
but are a growing trend in the world of women’s jewelry and custom gemstone engagement rings.

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Custom 3-Stone Engagement Rings

Why choose just one stone? With this style,
you can even mix and match for the perfect unique engagement rings.


Custom Bar Engagement Rings

This ring features the appearance of a bar that joins two rings-
an on-point metaphor for the love that holds your relationship together.


Custom Tension Engagement Rings

Stones in this contemporary style appear to be held in place by the pressure of the metal band,
squeezing the jewels in place.


Custom Illusion Engagement Rings

By definition, illusion ring settings feature smaller stones that when joined together look like one larger diamond
What is not an illusion is how popular and classy this style is.


Custom East-West Cut  Engagement Rings

Horizontal stones do not only create a unique look. They also feel more practical and comfortable for those wearing it in many cases,
thus being a favourite style for those looking for unique engagement rings.


Custom Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cuts are truly perfect for the princess in your life. With the large size and reflective square shape,
one thing is certain: no one will be able to look away from this gorgeously set ring.


Custom Cluster Engagement Rings

With smaller stones placed around one larger stone,
this beautiful style is dominating the engagement ring industry as of late.

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Custom Hexagon Cuts (Caldera) Engagement Rings

Yes, this trend is fairly new, but it is taking off rather rapidly.
Although square and circular cuts are still leading the way in both store-bought and handmade engagement rings,
hexagon cuts are not to be underestimated and are constantly growing in popularity.


custom Engagement rings

Tiffany Style Engagement Rings

This is the most famous and the best style in engagement rings which is renowned till date.
The six prong head has a modern design which resembles a crown which elegantly holds the diamond.

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Custom Gemstones Engagement Rings

Although diamonds have dominated the industry for years,
do not be afraid to look at other gemstones, including emeralds, sapphires and rubies.
Now more than ever, custom gemstone engagement rings are super popular and on-trend.


Custom Engagement Ring Process

You Dream it, We’ll Build it.


Once you have visited our showroom and expressed interest in custom engagement rings, we will get started on creating stunning concept art and allowing you to take a hands-on approach during every step of the process. But in order to perfect your “I do’s”, you first need to reach out, and start your journey towards finding the most unique engagement rings for your future spouse.

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