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What are Conflict Diamonds

Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds also called blood diamonds are diamonds mined in certain African district where miners are extensively abused and murdered with no labour laws in place to advocate for their rights. The fact that an average consumer should know and usually is unaware of is that, the large manufacturer of diamonds that purchase the rough diamonds from the miner for the purpose of cutting and preparation for the jewellery industry are the ones that should ensure the diamonds are conflict free. This is accomplished by ensuring the diamonds they purchase carry KIMERLY PROCESS CERTIFICATION.

This is an international standard imposed by UN Security Council and later created by The International Diamond Industry and Civil Society Organisation.

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The Kimberly Process certification

Is a tool in controlling the release of rough diamond production and trade. This certification is the best available system to prevent the introduction of conflict diamonds into the mainstream rough diamond market. The responsible and ethical diamond dealers and retailers in turn have a responsibility to ensure blood diamonds are not distributed in the global diamond supply chain. This can be accomplished by purchasing diamonds from accredited manufacturer that can provide Kimberly Process Certification.

Finest Gold Gallery personnel travel the world to hand- pick their diamonds. We purchase our diamonds directly from the manufacturer and we ensure to only deal with accredited and reputable manufacturers that can provide the Kimberly Process Certification. Diamonds are the symbol of love and commitment and we strongly believe that conflict diamonds defeat the entire symbolic purpose of a diamond. We stand by our belief and we guarantee all diamond inventory at Finest Gold Gallery is “conflict-free”.


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