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Cash for gold and silver

 Cash for Gold and Silver

“Selling your valuables is an important decision and could be at times even emotional”

We are the licensed buyer of gold and silver valuables in GTA. We take pride in our humble and respectable customer service. We carry our business in a transparent manner by examining the items in the customer’s presence, informed them on the value based on live market prices and give them the freedom to make the final decision without pressure.

The value of gold is dependent on 3 factors:  Cash for gold and silver 

Higher karat means a higher price

The purity of gold is based on a 24-unit scale. 24k is 100% pure gold while 14k gold means 14/24 unit is gold and 10/24 is consistent with other metals such as silver, nickel, zinc, copper. The acid test is used to determine the karat. For 24k Heat, the test is performed. Higher purity gold, a value greater. The items are then separated into batches according to their karat.

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Heavier gold means a higher price Cash for gold and silver 

The weight of the items: the scale used is a commercial trade scale that is regularly calibrated. Each batch is weighed separately. More weight equals a higher price

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Live market prices for your Gold


The gold and silver prices at the time of transaction are used to determine the purchase price. Market prices fluctuate and need to be checked frequently.

Why is Finest Gold Gallery is best to Sell Gold? Cash for gold and silver 

Once a mutual agreement is reached, Finest Gold Gallery offers cash on the spot.

  1. We keep our profit margin reasonably low to offer the best and highest purchase prices to our customers. We benefit more from the frequent customers and their referrals rather than a high-profit margin per transaction.
  2. Finest Gold Gallery is a local manufacturer of gold and silver jewellery, therefore in need of gold and silver to manufacture new and custom jewellery. This is another reason we offer the highest purchase prices in the GTA.
  3. Selling your gold and silver jewellery, scrape, coins and bars at Finest Gold Gallery leaves you with a pleasant experience that is fast convenient, friendly, and honest.
  4. You would end up with the highest value for your valuables while you feel confident that you have not been cheated on.
  5. All transactions are confidential. Finest Gold Gallery would not share your information with any third party.

Cash For Gold Service by Finest Gold Gallery

  1. Cash for Gold Coins
  2. Cash for Gold Bars
  3. Cash for Scrap Gold
  4. Cash for Gold Dust
  5. Cash for Broken Gold
  6. Cash for Gold Jewellery
  7. Cash for Gold in any form!
  8. Cash for Platinum
  9. Cash for Diamond Jewellery
  10. Cash for Silver Jewellery
  11. Cash for Silver Coins
  12. Cash for Silver Cutlery & Tea Sets

Feel free to call us with regards to our payout gold prices: (905) 884-7227 or email us:


Our store from Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

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Cash For Gold And Silver  Cash for gold and silver 

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