For decades, Finest Gold Gallery has been among Toronto’s most reputable and respected names in the Canadian jewelry industry, delivering consistent quality and compassionate, patient service.
Since 1986, we have been in business for decades, serving the Greater Toronto Area by offering the best repairs, the best selection of jewelry and the best deals for those looking to sell their jewelry and bullion. Located in Richmond Hill less than a half hour out of the vibrant downtown core of Toronto, we are a convenient, accessible option for customers from across the GTA.
Our technology is cutting edge, our showroom offers a versatile selection of gorgeous jewelry, and our staff is friendly and well-prepared to cater to your unique individual names. At Finest Gold Gallery, we are committed to everything that you are: finding timeless, exquisite pieces that are perfect in terms of both price and craftsmanship. Regardless of your own personal style, we have something beautiful for you. If you can’t find something that you love, that is no problem– we can easily custom make beautiful pieces in our on-site workshop.

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Unique 14K White Gold Women’s Bracelet


Unique 14K White Gold Women’s Necklace With Diamonds


18K Yellow Gold Women’s Bracelet 10.81 GR


Beautiful 14K White Gold Hoops Earrings


Unique 14K Yellow/White Gold Hoop Earrings

Unique 14K Yellow/White Gold Hoop Earrings


Unique 14K White Gold Hoop Earrings


18K White Gold Stud Earrings 1.1 GR


Classic 14K Two Tone Gold Earrings


18K Yellow Gold Women’s Statment Ring 2.36 GR


18K Yellow Gold Women’s Engagement Ring 3.75 GR


10K Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Band


18K Rose and White Gold Women’s Statment Ring 4.35 GR


18K White Gold Men’s Wedding Band 10.93 GR


10K Two Tone Gold Men’s wedding Band 4.5GR


18K Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Band 4.9 GR