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Every marriage is unique, and so is every bride– so it’s natural to want an engagement ring that reflects your own unique flair and personality. This is why many couples are opting for birthstone engagement rings. Whether you want to replace the traditional diamond altogether or want your birthstones to compliment it, this trend is one that is classy, gorgeous, and the perfect way to make a statement on your own individuality.

If you are interested in this rising trend but are unsure of your birthstone (or that of your partner’s!), there is no need to worry. We have compiled a list that not only goes through each birthstone but also some of the symbolism behind your birthstones and birthday month.

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Symbolism behind your birthstones and birthday month

Personalized your Birthstone Engagement Rings in Toronto & GTA


Birthstone Engagement Rings for January: Garnet

January’s birthstone is a bold and gorgeous garnet. Although the bold red shade is one that leaves heads turning, its underlying symbolism is perfect for any marriage where you expect to be friends first, partners second.

The garnet traditionally represents trust and friendship, which is the backbone of any solid romantic relationship. Although garnets can come in multiple coloUrs, the deep crimson Pyrope garnet is traditionally the one that represents January births. If the shade is a little too striking for your taste, you could always consider including diamonds in the design, or your partner’s birthstone, which could give an overall softer appearance.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for February: Amethyst

There are lots of benefits to an amethyst ring. Firstly, amethyst jewelry has long been a favorite for those with a bohemian flair.

Secondly, amethyst is gorgeous, sparkling quartz, making it a more affordable option than some other birthstones, like April’s diamond.

Over the years multiple cultures have used amethysts as a powerful healing tool and can stand as an important symbol of the resilience and support in your relationship.


Birthstone Engagement Ring for March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine traditionally represents youthfulness and hope– something you will certainly want to carry with you through your marriage. Birthstone engagement rings for March get to flaunt aquamarine’s lovely, deep blue hue that is not too distracting and has an almost tropical appeal, making it a great choice for those of us with more fun and adventurous fashion sense.

Aquamarine is also seen as a symbol of eternal youthfulness– because, like your partner, you will always truly be young at heart.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for April: Diamond

If you have an April birthday, your birthstone ring likely will not look much different from a traditional engagement ring. Although we know and love the clear, sparkling gems that have become the quintessential symbol of engagement and marriage over the past century, diamonds can actually come in a diverse range of colours that match your own unique personality, and the colours that are most meaningful to you.

However, if you are looking to spice things up, you could consider a custom design that features diamonds along with the birthstone of your soon-to-be spouse.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for May: Emerald

Not enough can be said about the distracting beauty of an emerald ring. On top of being absolutely stunning, emeralds represent love, making them the perfect choice for any engagement ring. Emeralds, which are deep, beautiful shade of green, are also incredibly classy and offer a unique appeal to those of us with a more old-fashioned sense of style

Emeralds are also among the rarest gemstones, making each ring just like your marriage: one of a kind.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for June

Birthstone Engagement Rings for June: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite

June babies are in luck: June birthstone engagement rings offer you not one but three beautiful gemstones to choose from. If you want to keep things classic, you could decide upon a pearl centerpiece, or choose a custom design with all three gemstones. Keep in mind that, while alexandrite can be rare and therefore pricey, its sleek, color-changing appearance will set you apart from every other bride you know.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for July

Birthstone Engagement Rings for July: Ruby

Rubies represent love, health, and wisdom. What more could you want from a marriage? Like garnets, the scarlet shade of rubies could be off-putting if you are more about subtlety, but you could always consider a cluster setting that would allow rubies to be just one of many stones in your engagement ring.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for August:

Birthstone Engagement Rings for August: Peridot

The birthstone engagement rings August has to offer feature the gorgeous, unique peridot. Although peridots are a lighter shade of green than emeralds, they are no less lovely. They offer an ethereal appearance perfect for green thumbs and eco-lovers who want to wear their passion on their sleeve.

Known by ancient Egyptians as the “gem of the sun”, peridots have a unique green glow that captures the eye in every setting.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for September

Birthstone Engagement Rings for September: Sapphire

Sapphire is another birthstone that can come in multiple colours, although its distinctive blue shade is the most well-known. Dating back to the Middle Ages, sapphires were believed to have the power to protect you from harm, making it a great way to bless your marriage before even making it down the alter.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for October

Birthstone Engagement Rings for October: Opal and Tourmaline

Together or individually, opal and tourmaline are unique stones that create a captivating and multi-colored appearance. Every good marriage will change with time but hopefully, remain unique and special through it all. Likewise, these October birthstones change under different lighting, offering endless surprises in your marriage.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for November

Birthstone Engagement Rings for November: Topaz

If you are interested in birthstone engagement rings for November and have an exciting, exotic sense of style, a topaz engagement ring might be right for you. One of many birthstones that represent healing, a topaz engagement ring can bring strength and hope to any situation.

Although they can come in beautiful pink and yellow hues, for the most distinctive look, you should consider getting the November birthstone in its most recognizable rich orange hue.


Birthstone Engagement Rings for December

Birthstone Engagement Rings for December: Zircon, tanzanite, and turquoise

There are multiple birthstone engagement rings for December. Like June, December is associated with three birthstones, each offering a unique blue hue that matches the wintery month it represents. When it comes to the design and setting of your ring, you can choose your favorite or diversify with a stunning combination of the three.